she's a rebel vigilante
she's the symbol of resistance
Hey there, I'm Jessica Vivien Knight, or Mrs. Jessica Bledel, but I have quite a few nicknames ranging from Jess to Barbie. My mutant nickname is Element. I'm nineteen years old and my powers are element manipulation and omnilingualism. Yes, that means I can control the elements, so I honestly wouldn't suggest messing with me. I can also understand any spoken language, so don't try talking about me in Portuguese, or something similar. I can be rather hot-headed, which people seem to mistake for being a bitch, but I probably won't be mean to you unless you mess with me or my mates. Oh, right, and I'm majoring in Political Science at Riverstone University, which is a nice bit away from my hometown in England... Anyways, I'd suggest talking to me, and most definitely not challenging me. Yeah. Oh, and I model in my spare time, which is why I may seem familiar. My alter-ego is Tyler Durden. | © Jess is a copyrighted character.

Jessica Knight's modeling career.


❒ single ✔ married ✔ mutant


[Phone Call]: Dan the Man

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